What is Mini Golf?
So you have never played mini golf before? Don’t worry!

Mini golf is all about having fun! You only use the putter, the ball stays on the floor and you can use any technique you like to hit the ball and try to get it in the hole!

The Shot Chinatown has 9 hand-built holes to test your skill, but playing the course is mostly about laughter and enjoyment with friends whilst having a drink. We encourage drinking on the course; each hole has an area to leave your drink whilst you take your shot. Our staff are available around the whole course to take new orders if required.

Please view our ‘How to’ videos HERE to get an idea of how to play some of the holes.
Can I book the venue for a private event?
Yes, both floors at The Shot are available to book for private events. The Secret Garden and The Emperor courses can both accommodate up to 60 people each.

Please contact our events team at sales@theshotbangkok.com and we will be delighted to help create a bespoke event just for you.
I didn't receive my email booking confirmation, what shall I do?
It may be useful to check your junk mail folder first or that the email has not been blocked by a work email filter.

If you are unable to find the confirmation email, please contact us at sales@theshotbangkok.com with the email address, date and name you booked under and we will aim to reissue the confirmation email.
I am unable to print my ticket, is this a problem?
No, you can just show us the ticket on your phone. If this is not possible then we will have your name on our booking list when you arrive.
Can I bring children or babies to The Shot?
Unfortunately not, The Shot is an 18+ venue. We wouldn’t want them knocking your cocktails over…
Can I just come for food and drinks?
Yes of course! The Shot is a great place to relax with friends whilst enjoying the atmosphere. We have a large selection of quality drinks along with our signature food menu. Just walk up the stairs and join us.
All the advanced tickets are sold out. Will I still be able to purchase a ticket for golf at the door?
We only ever sell 50% of tickets online. The rest are available to purchase at The Shot each day. We have a limited number every hour to ensure that the courses do not get too crowded. Walk-up tickets are available from 5pm to 11pm on weekdays and 11:30am - 11pm on Saturday and Sunday.

If you are celebrating a special occasion we strongly recommend you book in advance to guarantee your tickets.
How long does it take to play a round of mini golf?
Depending on the time of day and based on the size of your group (and skill…) it can take around 20-30 minutes to complete 9 holes.
How do the tee off times work?
When you purchase your ticket, you will choose a specific time slot, which is every hour. Once you arrive at The Shot, you will be given a tee-off time within this hour. It might be near the start if you get here early, or it might be towards the end if others have arrived before you. For example:

You book 5pm - 6pm ticket. You arrive at 4:30pm and you choose a tee-off time of 5:10pm.
You book 5pm - 6pm ticket. You arrive at 5:05pm and are given a tee-off time of 5:50pm because the other slots within 5pm - 6pm have already been chosen.

The earlier you arrive, the more tee-off times will be available for you to choose from.
Please contact us if you would like further clarification on tee-off times.
Is there a dress code at The Shot?
There is no dress code at The Shot, we recognise that Thailand is hot, however there is a behaviour code: HAVE FUN!